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Where did all the money go?

In October 2008, tens of millions of people lost 30% to 50% of their retirement. Some are in their 50s or 60s and can't retire at all. Go to the link to the right to watch a powerful video from 60 Minutes that explains why - and why it is likely to happen again. In October 2008, tens of millions of people lost money in stocks, mutual funds, and other investments. Worse, many of them thought that the money they had invested for retirement was safe. In fact, Consumer Reports reported that people who had not done any investment planning at all, and had left their money in traditional bank accounts, were fairing better than those who invested in stocks or mutual funds, even if they used an investment advisor. Losing money hurts. And if it means working more years, or having less when we retire and are ready to enjoy life, it hurts even more.


Understandably, people don't know whom to trust with their money. According to a survey by Prince and Associates quoted in Robert Frank's recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Wealthy Investors Stage Revolt Against Advisors “81% of investors with $1 million or more in investable assets plan to take money away from their current advisor. An even larger number – 86% – plan to tell other investors to avoid their advisor.” And, in an industry where referrals are crucial, it is troubling that only 2% of investors plan to recommend their financial consultant. To learn more about this crisis of confidence, read our article, “Where to turn- you can't go it alone, and you can't trust an advisor.” The Safe College Plan: Tax-Advantaged, Safe College Savings College savings plans that rely on mutual funds or stocks have the same problem as retirement funds that rely on these investments that do not guarantee safety of principle. You could build savings for 15 years, and then lose half (or more) in a bad day at the stock market.



Now there is a solution. Jeff Archer, Your Money Coach, has learned how we can build our own banking system to get all the advantages we need to ensure abundance in retirement, and when saving money for college. Jeff Archer founded Safe Money Wise to make sure that your money is safe, available, has a high rate of return, and is tax-advantaged. Just imagine, years ago the average worker was guaranteed a pension and Social Security when he would retire. The reality is MOST Americans now have to depend on their own contribution to a retirement plan with only a little help from their employers. Then hoping to combine a second source of income from Social Security.


All sounds good in theory but is it enough?


Unfortunately, there are 4 Enemies of Wealth


1. Stock Market losses (when is the next market correction?)

2. Taxation increases (What will you pay in taxes when you retire)

3. Inflation (What will your buying power be in retirement?)

4. Interest Rates and Debt (Revolving debt is a financial death trap)


There is GOOD News! There is a solution for eliminating these four enemies of wealth.


You can become financially secure by investing in Safe Money Strategies.You can use safe money for earning possible double digits in ways NOT talked about in Wall Street. There is only ONE last Tax Advantaged program I am aware of that is IRS friendly while being Tax-deferred during the accumulation period, tax-deferred interest, and Tax Advantaged at the distribution phase (Retirement).One of the things we do at Safe Money Wise is take a look at your existing retirement plan and evaluate how to help you increase your probability of a more lucrative retirement and avoid those enemies of wealth. Take a tour of the website and you will find solutions for different areas of your planning.


Tax-Free Retirement Planning  can be a key to your retirement. Why? Because we’ve found most consumers and small business owners have not saved enough or have too much of their money at risk.

Learn More about supplementing your retirement by using tax advantaged program.Take a look at the Safe Money Millionaire solution:  



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We can create for you a Retirement Blue Print. This plan will give you a personal outline, showing you how the Tax-Free Retirement Plan can work for you.

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After years of diagnosing specimen contracts written by Insurance Companies for the purpose of consulting  other Advisors, I figured out that not all Annuity or Life contracts should be considered equal. And most Advisors don't know the details of what their client recently purchased.

Now is the best time to get a second opinion regarding your existing Life and Annuitiy Contracts




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