Identity Theft Protection


13 Million people were Victims of ID Fraud in 2013

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The fastest growing crime in this country is Identiy Theft. I personally subscribe to this Legal and Identity Theft service and know it works.


76% of working Americans do not know an attorney to call prior to needing one.There are two services available (Legal and Identity Theft Protection). 


Affordable, on-call legal protection for everyone


More than 13 Million U.S. adults fell victim to identity fraud last year, an increase of 500,000 from the year prior. Javelin Strategy & Research found that data breaches to be one of the greatest risk factors, as nearly one in three consumers who received data breach notification letters became a victim if Identity fraud. The amount criminal have stolen was $18Billion. The average Case costs the victim $631.00 out of pocket and takes an average of 500 hours to repair the damage.


Your On-Call law firm. How do they do it?

Legal Shield offers unlimited access for less than twenty bucks  a month. This is a dedicated attorney network. That's the Legal Shield framework that enables members to pick up the phone and call an accomplished law firm, in your state, that is ready and willing to help with ANY legal issue. Because Legal Shield pays these law firms in advance, the 1.4 million families the firm protects receives access to experienced attorneys without any high hourly charges.


In addition to having a continous credit monitoring, the service provides Identity Restoration in the event of stolen identity. This means that licensed invesgitors work to correct damages caused by this crime.


As far as Legal Plans, this service is inclusive for preventive legal service, motor vehicle service, trial defense services and more.

Your stolen identity could be spending

time on the beach ...

without YOU!